25.07.17 (11:23)
Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops Major General U. Lastochkin told about electronic warfare technologies implementation

The last decade regional conflicts have proved that electronic warfare wins the priority influence on the outcome.

Today modern technologies have blurred out distinctions among strategic, operational and tactical levels, and offensive and defensive operations. The electronic warfare weapons play great role in exerting information influence.

This significance is defined by the level of operational task – to disturb the hostile command and control by EW means in all spheres (land, sea, air and space).

A new adversary engagement has appeared – information sphere that extends the EW troops missions. The EW troops are to conduct preventing measures both in war and peace time. The advanced EW weapons effect can be equaled to the high-precision fire damage in future.

The military political leadership of the country considers the EW to be of a most important element of state military security.

The EW complex drills are held annually to probe advanced EW methods and work out recommendations from EW troops.

Automated control systems are widely applied to the EW troops to improve combat capabilities.

EW command and control system development is topical as electronic warfare is part of the information influence exerted on the potential enemy. In the near future we are going to complete implementation of information resources into the United information space to facilitate electronic warfare. The military control bodies will provide information concerning operational and radio electronic situation.

In peacetime the Main Electronic Warfare Directorate is responsible for electromagnetic compatibility, legal protection of the military electronic means, and planning of the radio frequencies.

Military and state control bodies are to control radio spectrum and provide electromagnetic compatibility.

Electronic warfare has a solid place among arms and branches of the Armed Forces. The number of successfully fulfilled strategic tasks of the EW is to increase in 2-2,5 times and by 2020 it will reach the required quantity. The Electronic warfare will be one of the most efficient land-air system to facilitate the Armed Forces missions, and to ward off the enemy technical superiority in air and information space.
21.07.17 (20:30) Exposition of the Main Armored Directorate at the Army 2017 Forum will be the largest than ever before

Main Armored Directorate will demonstrate about 100 modern samples of armament, military and special hardware in course of the Army 2017 International Military-Technical Forum. This was stated by the Chief of the Main Armored Directorate of the Russian Defence Ministry Lieutenant General Alexander Shevchenko.

This static exposition of armament and military hardware will be the largest one than ever before. Capabilities of modern and prospective samples will be shown during dynamic demonstration.

Special attention will be paid to the Arctic theme. Hardware designed for operation in complicated winter conditions will be demonstrated.

Roundtable conference devoted to issues of prospect of development of armored vehicles and armament as well as raising the level of its defensive capabilities will be held in course of the business-scientific programme.
11.07.17 (15:30) Main Missile and Artillery Directorate specialists will show dozens of samples of modern artillery and missile weapons at the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum

Dozens of samples of modern rocket and missile artillery weapons including ones used by the Land Forces and Airborne troops will be demonstrated at static exposition of the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre. It was said by head of the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Russian Defence Ministry Lieutenant General Nikolai Parshin.

Main Missile and Artillery Directorate specialists in cooperation with staff of the 3 central research Institute of the Russian Defence Ministry will organize a model exhibition of modern weapons, military and special hardware, ammunition and other products.

A round table on development of military robotics for Air Defence troops will be also held in course of scientific and business programme. Leaders of major companies of the defence complex will participate in the event.

Moreover, the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate specialists will provide the Tulpan mortar, the Tornado-G and Tornado-S multiple-launch missile systems with ammunition during the dynamic capabilities exhibition.

It will be the first time this year when lighting shells and mines will be used for providing night exhibition at the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum.
21.06.17 (17:30) Commander of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces Colonel General S. Karakaev told about SMF exhibition at the Army 2017 IMTF

Russian Defence Ministry is holding the 3rd Army 2017 International Military Technical Forum. How will the Strategic Missile Forces participate in it? What is planned to be shown to the public?

The Army 2017 IMTF is of paramount importance for the Armed Forces as well as for each branch and arm, and Strategic Missile Forces are no exception. We have put a great effort to prepare for the Army 2017 forum. It is a platform were one can find new possibilities of technologies implementation into advanced missile armament.

Being most hi-tech arm of the Armed Forces, the Strategic Missile Forces will demonstrate samples of modern military hardware and results of research activity conducted by the SMF military scientific complex.

Besides, the SMF colleges and the 4th Central Research Institute are planning to organize three round tables within the Forum program.

What advanced military hardware are to be on static and dynamic display? How many exhibits the SMF are planning to demonstrate? Can you tell us about specifics of the SMF static exhibition?

As in the previous year, the Forum visitors will see the launching battery of the Topol missile complex, combat control and life-sustaining facilities as well as launching transporting containers of the land-based ICBM.

The exhibition will also present recent development:

Taifun-M armored reconnaissance vehicle, which is designed to provide security and defense, and escort mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles in movement in order to prevent enemy ambushes;

MIOM 15M69 engineering vehicle to conduct engineer reconnaissance and equip field positions for Yars land-based mobile missile system;

About 27 exhibits are planned to be on display within the SMF exposition.

SMF Military Academy named after Peter the Great will demonstrate a transmitter of increased structured and energetic concealment.

Where is the SMF exhibition to be located?

The main SMF display will be organized at outdoor venues near the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre, and at the stand of the Russian Defence Ministry in the Universal Training Centre. Besides, the 4th Central Research Institute will organize an exhibition of limited access in the military-industrial complex zone.

How would you assess the efficiency of direct cooperation between manufacturers and potential consumers within the Forum?

We have organized cooperation between the SMF and manufactures on high level. This is reflected in the increasing number of modern hardware.

Moreover, the SMF experts are in search of advance developments that can be implemented in the interests of the Armed Forces. During the Forum, we will study new samples of military hardware, industrial solutions that can be used for experimental development in favor of the Strategic Missile Forces.

Are the SMF experts going to participate in the organized events?

The Army 2017 Forum gives a great opportunity to participate in most topical issues aimed at development of the military and special hardware. The events are to be participated by chief designers, experts, scientific organizations and also by the SMF experts.

What is the significance of the SMF participation in such event?

For the Strategic Missile Forces it is a great opportunity to have a wide discussion with manufactures and developers, to map out development and cooperation prospects.

Will the visitors be able to test the SMF training hardware? How many training simulators are planned to be presented to the audience?

Every visitor will be able to test training simulators to experience themselves as gunner, driver and operator. This year the Sinvet company will present the MZKT-7930 driver training hardware.

How will the Army 2017 Forum differ from the last year?

The Army 2017 Forum will differ in its exhibitions and number of organizations. Some of the advanced hardware, exhibited on the Forum, will enter the service with the Strategic Missile Forces.
01.05.17 (15:50) Chief of Main Directorate for the Development of Information and Telecommunication Technologies Colonel Maxim Bets stated about prospective directions for development of cloud information infrastructure of the Russian Armed Forces

Modern stage in the development of the human community is characterized by extremely high rates and immense depth of changes in it caused by the development and implementation of new technologies, primarily information ones.

New technologies initiate powerful breakthroughs in various fields, including artificial intelligence, quantum and mem-computers, robotization, Internet of things, robot cars, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.

In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the functions of organizing the construction and development of information and telecommunications systems, including cloud technologies, are the responsibility of the Main Directorate for the Development of Information and Telecommunication Technologies of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

Directions of development and improvement of the military information cloud:

1. Creation and development of data processing centers;

2. Cloud services and technologies;

3. High-performance computing;

4. Telecommunications infrastructure;

5. Network technologies;

6. Artificial intelligence;

7. Large data;

8. Internet of things;

9. Protection of information in information networks;

10. Training of personnel.

Another rapidly developing and mutating technological direction is the direction that accumulates the technology of processing large data sets. The technological package "big data" is being developed and improved.

A large number of publications have been devoted to the topic of "big data", both in specialized publications and in the media, designed for the widest possible audience. There are many opinions.

Countries such as Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Australia consider "big data" to be the most important resource of strategic importance.

If the scientific institutions and industrial enterprises of our defence-industrial complex conduct an audit and convincingly confirm the reality of the advertised application capabilities of the technological package "big data", then there is an extremely promising direction for the development and improvement of the "military cloud" of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Efforts of science and industry in Russia, aimed at the creation and development of the highest in the field of information technology, in demand and will always be supported by the General Directorate of Information and Telecommunication Technologies of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence – the central body of military administration, whose main tasks are the elaboration and implementation of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation of a single military-technical policy in the sphere of information, computing and telecommunication technology.

20.04.17 (16:30) Chief of the Main Communications Directorate Khalil Arslanov stated about participation of the Directorate in the ARMY 2017 Forum

This year we plan that the stand of the Main Communications Directorate of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be a separate cluster of the military-scientific complex of the communications and defence-industrial complex, in which scientific organizations of the Russian Defence Ministry, industrial enterprises, leading universities and scientific centers of the Russian Federation will be merged.

Here you can see the entire cycle of communication technology development from the moment of emergence of perspective technology, development of prototypes, their tests and up to the experimental operation of the finished product.

The exposition will include: a 3D visualization subsystem for the operational situation for communications, a hardware and software simulator for training the crew of the hardware communications, augmented reality technology in the Russian Armed Forces, a unique domestic hardware and software complex for video conferencing services, and much more.

For the first time, a new approach to the scientific and technical conference in the format of a discussion platform will be used, in addition to roundtables on the development of the radio communication system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, special communication transport networks, and an automated communications management system.

At the open site, the option of constructing a field communication point will be presented. Together with the stand of the Main Communications Directorate of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, it will ensure the operation of a single end-to-end communication system.

Specialists will show their achievements in the field of integration technology of analog telephone equipment of the field communication center into the stationary digital network of IP telephony, Wi-Fi seamless roaming technology, as well as operating models of products in the field of robotics.

The new format of participation in the forum will allow us to move to a new level of interaction between the military-scientific cluster of communication troops, industry profile companies, leading universities and scientific organizations to achieve the strategic tasks of developing communications and the Russian Defence Ministry as a whole.

We invite all visitors and participants of the "Army-2017" forum to visit the exhibition sites of the Main Communications Directorate of the Armed Forces and take part in the scientific and business program.

10.04.17 (12:30) Chief of Engineer troops of the Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Yuri Stavitsky stated about new engineering hardware demonstrated at the ARMY 2017 Forum

In 2017, the Ministry of Defence of Russia will hold the III International Military Technical Forum "ARMY 2017". How will military engineers participate in the event?

In total, more than 80 samples of military engineering equipment, devices for searching and defusing explosive objects, sets of group and individual equipment of sappers as well as other means used by engineer troops while performing special tasks are planned for the demonstration.

In addition, within the framework of the scientific and business programme of the Forum, the Military Scientific Committee of the Engineer troops and the Central Research and Testing Institute of Engineer troops are planning three roundtables devoted to the prospects for the development of engineering weapons with the use of innovative technologies and developments in Russian science and the defence industry.

Security technologies are constantly being improved. What newest means of demining and searching for explosive devices can be seen at the international Forum? Which of these items were used to carry out the tasks in the Syrian Arab Republic?

Within the framework of the Forum, we will demonstrate whole line of existing and promising means of engineering reconnaissance. Including, the newest technical means, which work is based on the integration of physical principles of search, detection and identification of explosive objects in various sheltered environments.

For example, the subsurface detector PPO-2, the deep metal detector MG-1, the magnetometric bomb detector MB-O.

All of these samples have been tested in the course of carrying out tasks in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

What new devices will be demonstrated? What are the prospective models of equipment are to be presented? Will robotics technologies be presented?

At the stand and sites of the Directorate of the Chief of the Engineer Troops of the Russian Federation, the visitors of the Forum will be familiarized with the results of scientific work, inventive and rationalizing work of the Institute of Information Technologies and other organizations of engineering troops embodied in the developed, and also taken on the supply and used in the army samples of engineering weapons.

Here we will show robotics complexes that make it possible to exclude the immediate presence of a serviceman in the place where the task is performed, when this is associated with a risk to life. Robotic complexes "Uran-6", "Scarab", "Sphere", "Engineer-MP", used in the performance of demining tasks in Aleppo and Palmyra, as well as other samples of advanced robotics engineering troops will be presented.

Will the newest means of protection for military personnel be demonstrated?

This year, the Forum's platforms will demonstrate protection facilities that are part of the combined-arms demining complexes designed for servicemen of engineering troops of various specialties and improved in their experience in carrying out missions in the Syrian Arab Republic. In addition, during the Forum, everyone can get acquainted with a number of manpower protection kits, specially designed for both non-standard sappers of combined-arms formations, and for demining specialists of engineering troops.

Could you please tell us about the dynamic programme planned by subordinate military control bodies during the Forum?

The engineering and demining units will show the actions for conducting engineering reconnaissance and demining the terrain on the approaches to the water obstacle with the use of the engineering reconnaissance vehicle IRM and the charge of demining ZRP-2. Pontoon units will demonstrate the equipment and maintenance of the amphibious crossing.

03.04.17 (15:30) Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff Lieutenant General Igor Makushev stated about development of the military-scientific complex of the Russian Armed Forces

According to him, the military-scientific complex of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation includes 18 institutes, more than 20 universities and a network of scientific committees of military control bodies. The leadership of military science is headed by the General Staff.

Over the past three years, the structure of the military-scientific complex has been refined. Three institutes and seven large scientific units have been formed in the structure of universities.

In addition, four new scientific companies have been established in Kostroma, Tambov, Sergiyev Posad and Saint Petersburg. They are staffed with graduates of the leading regional universities. Measures have also been implemented to increase the scientific potential and reduce the average age of scientists. Task training of scientific personnel for institutes is organized in military academies.

Moreover, he paid special attention to results of congress and exhibition events held by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

He also said that the taken measures allowed to create a basis for the further development of the military-scientific complex. Thus, the effectiveness of scientific work compared to the beginning of 2014 has increased by almost 20%, and the scientific potential of institutions has increased by 18%.

Lieutenant General Igor Makushev also noted that new directorates and departments have been formed as a part of scientific organizations to study promising scientific directions. The scientific potential of the military-scientific complex has been increased. The share of doctors and candidates of sciences, in comparison with 2014, has increased by more than 30%.

Scientific organizations and universities take an active part in approbation of the latest models of armament, military and special hardware in real conditions. This allowed us to identify the shortcomings of modern and prospective models, to organize their revision for adoption.

In 2016, examination of more than 2,500 research results subject to legal protection was organized.

In order to implement advanced information technologies in the Armed Forces, a research and development center was established in the end of 2016 in the city of Innopolis (Republic of Tatarstan).

In 2017, it is planned to prepare and attract more than 300 doctors and candidates of sciences to work in institutes as well as organize the construction and reconstruction of more than 100 research infrastructure facilities.

22.03.17 (09:50) Chief of Directorate of railway troops of the Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Oleg Kosenkov stated about participation in the ARMY 2017 International Military-Technical Forum

What goals and objectives do you set for yourself taking part in such large-scale international military-technical forum?

Annually, the Main Directorate of Chief of the railway troops jointly with the Research and Testing Center for Special Equipment of the railway troops takes an active part in the International Military Technical Forum on the territory of the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center.

Why do we do this? Our main goal is to bring together the producer and consumer of military production.

Based on the results of the two previous forums, work was carried out to develop advanced equipment of the railway troops in cooperation with industry.

The results of the work are realized in the tactical and technical assignments for the implementation of a number of new research and development activities.

In what projects important for the country today are the railway troops involved?

The most striking example of current activities of the railway troops is participation in the implementation of a project necessary for the country: construction of a double-track electrified railway on the Zhuravka-Millerovo section.

Total volume of works at this facility exceeded 38 million cubic meters. The implementation of such a volume of work was made possible through a thorough rearmament. The applied special equipment and engineering hardware make it possible to minimize the use of manual labor and increase productivity. Personnel in the implementation of tasks master the practical skills of working on complex weapons, military and special equipment, as well as a mechanized tools.

You are talking about the importance of a radical rearmament of the troops for the effective performance of tasks for the intended purpose. What results in this area have you achieved?

In order to complete the tasks of the railway troops, it is necessary to resolve issues in the field of modernization of armaments, military and special equipment, creation of scientific, technical, design and production reserves in the most expeditious manner.

In this regard, I note that for the re-equipment of our units and military units with a new standardized, standardized and highly effective technology, close interaction with industry is necessary. And within the framework of the Forum, the practice of interaction of potential consumers and suppliers is organized optimally.

What do you intend to discuss this time?

In terms of the scientific and business programme, the forthcoming III International Military Technical Forum "Army-2017" is scheduled to hold a roundtable titled "The hardware of the railway troops, the conceptual directions of development until 2020".

The purpose of the roundtable will be to discuss the results achieved since the end of the two previous forums, to identify problematic issues for the further development of existing and establish new informative and communicative links with advanced equipment manufacturers.

During previous forums the exhibition expositions of the railway troops were of particular interest. How will you surprise now?

In addition, given the specifics of the Forum and the fact that for most of its visitors public procurement is not the main direction of professional activity, we approached formally the issue of the exposition of the stand. Here, the Forum guests will be able to familiarize themselves with the mission of the railway troops, our rich history and the tasks facing the troops today. Attention of visitors in the pavilion will be paid to large-scale mock-ups of advanced models of special equipment of the railway troops, and in the open area – real technical innovations: a universal pile driving unit USA-2, designed for driving piles, performing assembly and loading and unloading operations for the construction of temporary and short railway bridges both on land and on water.
13.03.17 (07:30) Interview of Lieutenant General Igor Makushev, Chairman of the Military Scientific Committee of the Russian Armed Forces – Deputy Chief of General Staff, on the issue of organization of the scientific and business programme of the ARMY 2017, III International Military-Technical Forum

Is the Military Scientific Committee taking active part in organizing the Forum?

The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation approved the Plan of organization of the ARMY 2017 Forum in December 2016. The Committee is organizing the scientific and business programme of the Forum as it controls scientific work and coordinates scientific developments of the Russian Defence Ministry.

These are the main goals of the business and scientific programme:

development of proposals on raising cooperation level between small-size innovative companies and organizations of the defence industrial complex, research-and-development organizations and military control bodies in developing strategic prospective armament systems and complexes, military and special hardware;

determination of priority directions in military science development, hardware and technologies in the interest of developing a prospective armament, military and special hardware for 2017-2025.

generation of proposals on developing order and conditions of introducing innovative developments, technologies and materials in prospective samples of armament, military and special hardware.

Exposition events of the Forum are held on August 22-27. Scientific and business programme is taking place on August 22-25.

What will the programme consist of? Will the Committee use the experience gained in course of the first and second Forums?

Planning and organization of the events of the scientific and business programme are carried out by the Programme Committee on the basis of proposals of the military command, research and educational organizations, developers of military and dual-purpose production.

The scientific and business programme is planned to be held in the format of conferences, roundtables and briefings on thematic areas of the Forum (there are 41 thematic sections). The whole subject of the scientific and business programme will be linked with the static exposition of the Forum.

Almost all military control bodies submitted their proposals to the Forum scientific and business programme. On their basis, a list of activities of the scientific and business programme has been formed, including more than 85 roundtables, conferences and briefings. In addition, information and invitation to participate in the scientific and business programme of organizations, from which applications and proposals for events are already received.

With the purpose of qualitative holding of the events of the scientific and business programme, the use of 20 conference halls and audiences of the Military Patriotic Park of Culture and Leisure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "Patriot" is planned.

Using the experience of the previous Forums, all the activities of the scientific and business programme will be planned in such a way that in one room it is possible to hold one conference or one roundtable per day. Such way will allow to discuss all the issues considered at the events of the scientific and business programme and enhance the effectiveness of the decisions made within the framework of conferences and roundtables. This was also evidenced by the findings of the Sociological Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, made on the basis of a survey of participants in the round tables in the framework of previous congress and exhibition events in the Russian Armed Forces.

Will the scientific companies participate in the Forum and demonstrate results of their work?

Positive experience of participation of scientific companies in the ARMY 2015 and ARMY 2016 Forums has shown that such events contribute to increasing the effectiveness of their research, as they allow to evaluate and visually demonstrate the results of their activities. More than 30 operators of scientific companies that took an active part in the International Military Technical Forum ARMY 2016 were awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Defence "For achievements in the development of innovative technologies."

It is to be reminded that there are 12 scientific companies in the Ministry of Defence. The servicemen perform specific scientific tasks for the order and interests of the military command and control bodies.

Their active participation is planned in the exposition, where they would demonstrate their new developments. For three and a half years, thanks to the scientific work of military personnel, more than 80 applications for granting patents for invention were issued, about 300 rationalization proposals, more than 350 software products were developed, and more than 900 scientific articles were published.

During the Forum, all interested persons will be provided with information on the scientific and military-technical topics of the scientific activities of the scientific companies, the procedure for selecting candidates for military service on conscription to scientific companies, the rules of official time for servicemen of scientific companies, the scientific management of operators, places, living conditions, etc.

What part will the leading scientific organizations and educational establishments of the Defence Ministry take in the Forum?

Leading universities and research organizations of the Ministry of Defence will take an active part in the scientific and business programme, exposition and other events of the Forum. It should be noted that more than half of the 90 planned events of the scientific and business programme of the Forum will be held by universities and scientific organizations of the Ministry of Defence. In course of the Forum's scientific and business programme, the main activities of the Armed Forces in the organization and implementation of defense and comprehensive security of the Russian Federation, the equipping of the Armed Forces, other troops and bodies with weapons, military and special hardware will be discussed.

Leading military educational and scientific centers, military academies, and military institutes, which often have very good practical results of scientific research are planned to participate in the Forum.

Such organization will allow, within the framework of one event, to unite producers and consumers of products and services aimed at strengthening the state's defense capability, and create conditions for a multilevel exchange of scientific and technical information. This will contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the Russian Defence Ministry and stimulating the innovative development of the defense-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

Where and how the results, which had been gained in course of the ARMY 2016 Forum, were used?

Events of the scientific and business programme of the ARMY 2016 Forum were held in the format of conferences, meetings, briefings and roundtables, to which representatives of the federal executive authorities, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the defence industry were invited in 41 thematic areas corresponding to the most urgent tasks At the present stage of development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Main results of the scientific and business programme of the ARMY 2016 Forum, including those of a constructive nature and practical orientation, have been summarized in the form of the Compendium, as well as brought to the interested bodies of military administration, universities and research organizations. The conclusions and decisions of the conferences and roundtables allowed us to take a more balanced approach to the formation of state military-technical policy, priority directions in the development of military science, technology and technologies in order to create a scientific and technical base for the development of advanced and upgrading of existing weapons, military and special equipment for the period up to 2025 year.

Results of the scientific and business programme of the ARMY 2016 Forum are also planned to be used in the organization of scientific work and scientific research in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
07.03.17 (17:30) Interview of Colonel Sergei Popov, Chief of the Main Robotic Research, Development and Test Centre of the Russian Defence Ministry, on robotic technologies in the Armed Forces

– Things told by science-fiction writers came true: robots appeared to help people. What can you tell about robotization process in the Russian Armed Forces?

Technologies are being developed in the modern world. Robots provide assistance to people more and more often. Within last decade, development of robotic technologies allowed us use robots not only in industry and everyday life but also in conducting special and military missions.

Robots do not feel tired and do not feel pain. They are capable to carry out tasks in critical conditions. Introduction of robotic complexes will reduce manpower losses during warfare and will allow to perform tasks impossible for a human.

The Armed Forces have been paying special attention to robotic complexes. Unmanned aerial vehicles have been operated for situation monitoring in Syria. Ground robots have been defusing explosives.

Starting from 2015, military industrial companies, organizations of the Russian Defence Ministry, security agencies and departments as well as representatives of foreign countries have been demonstrating newest samples of armament, military and special hardware as well as innovation technologies in the Patriot Park.

– It is known that the Main Robotic Research, Development and Test Centre of the Russian Defence Ministry is a permanent participant of the ARMY International Military Technical Forum. The Centre demonstrated newest developments in the field of robotic technologies. Can you tell about them in details?

The Main Robotic Research, Development and Test Centre of the Russian Defence Ministry is a permanent participant of the ARMY Forum. The Centre demonstrates newest developments in the field of military robotic technologies.

In 2016, the Centre demonstrated designs developed jointly with industrial companies. The Vikhr (Vortex) multi-purpose robotic complex and Morskaya Ten' (Sea Shadow) automated unmanned underwater vehicle attracted the greatest interest. The vehicles have unique characteristics and positive recalls from representatives of military control bodies, arms and services.

– As we know, the Centre has won the contest "Through Difficulties to the Stars".

The Main Centre has won the nomination titled "Best exposition". We have much to surprise experts, specialists and visitors of the Forum. It is rewarding that work in course of expositions has results. For example, the Centre had a roundtable conference titled "Ways of increasing levels of autonomy of robotic complexes" in course of the science and business programme of the Forum. The results of the conference are taken into account during development of military robotic systems.

The Main Centre will demonstrate new and developed samples of military robotic complexes designed jointly with leading industrial companies of Russia.